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Mustang Mileage Run/Walk Club 7:05 AM, Tues & Thur weekly.  United We Stand! Building patriotism and raising patriotic awareness throughout the year. Red Ribbon week, Oct 27-31 ---say no to drugs and alcohol awareness campaign.

Upcoming Events

Mustang Mileage
Date: 10/21/2014, 7:05 AM 7:25 AM
Location: good weather - outdoor track inclement weather - indoor track
PTA Meeting
Date: 10/21/2014, 6 PM
Red Ribbon Kick-Off Assembly
Date: 10/23/2014
Mustang Mileage
Date: 10/23/2014, 7:05 AM 7:25 AM
Location: good weather - outdoor track inclement weather - indoor track
End of 9-weeks grade period
Date: 10/24/2014
Student Early Release
Date: 10/24/2014
Red Ribbon Week
Date: 10/27/2014
Red Ribbon Week
Date: 10/28/2014
Mustang Mileage
Date: 10/28/2014, 7:05 AM 7:25 AM
Location: good weather - outdoor track inclement weather - indoor track
Red Ribbon Week
Date: 10/29/2014

News and Announcements

LISD Announces 16th Annual Veterans Day Celebration
Join Us As We Honor Our Veterans
Lewisville ISD Oct. 17 Ebola Statement and FAQ
Dear Lewisville ISD Parents:

This letter is to provide an update from the parent letter sent on Thursday, Oct. 16 regarding the Ebola virus. We want to assure you that no student or staff member has had contact with the Ebola virus. Additionally, no student or staff member was on Frontier Airlines flight 1142 on Oct. 10 or flight 1143 on Oct. 13.

The Denton County Health Department is not currently monitoring any of our 53,000+ students or any one of our 6,000 staff members. Therefore, no student or staff member is at risk to contract the Ebola virus.

We have received requests to release campus names related to the staff member and students who had relatives on the same flights as the healthcare worker. LISD is not at liberty to share this information due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Federal Education Right to Privacy Act) laws. Because there is no public health risk for our students or staff members, these laws prohibit the district releasing school and student names.

The district recognizes some school districts released campus names and closed for cleaning. These campuses had students or staff members on the flights in question. LISD did not have any student or staff member on these flights.

Beginning Oct. 3, the district implemented intensive sanitation on all high-touch areas at all LISD schools due to concerns regarding the Enterovirus and the upcoming flu season. Both of these viruses are considered highly contagious. Since these protocols were already in place, no additional cleaning requirements are necessary.

We continue to remain in contact with the Denton County Health Department to keep updated on the latest information on all communicable diseases. LISD will continue to follow the appropriate directives from local, state and Federal health agencies.

In an effort to provide additional answers to your questions, here is a link to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. We will continue to update these questions.

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns. If there is any new information, we will provide updates as needed.


Office of Public Information and Community Relations
Thank You for Your Feedback
Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the parent letter we sent about the Ebola virus. We would like to assure you that Lewisville ISD is taking all directives from the Denton County Health Department and will continue to remain in close contact with the health agencies at the local, state and federal levels.
Updated Lewisville ISD Health Notice - Oct. 16, 2014
Worldwide Connections
Homestead Elementary 3rd Graders Participate in Global Read Aloud
LISD Welcomes Back Educational Technologist Leader Alan November
Parents Invited to Participate in Free District “Parent University” Sessions Oct. 21
Update iPads to iOS 8 at Earliest Convenience
Dear LISD Parents,

Apple released iOS 8 for the iPad on Wednesday, Sept. 17. LISD’s Technology Department has tested the update and found no issues. They request that all students and staff upgrade their iPad to iOS 8.0.2 at their earliest convenience.
UPDATE: Homestead Elementary Power Restored – Oct. 3, 2014
Homestead Elementary's power and phones have been restored. Thank you for your patience.
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