Homestead Elementary

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! Holiday:  Monday, Sept 7. Classes resume Tues, Sept 8.  Go Mustangs!
Fourth Grade
Welcome to Fourth Grade

Mrs. Jessica Gentry
Mrs. Kathy Haas (team lead)
Miss Hallye Jerkins
Mrs. Judy Mun
Ms. Shannon Sears

Conference/Specials: 8:55-9:40 AM
Lunch: 12:10-12:40 PM
Recess: 12:40-1:10 PM

Tips for Parents of 4th Graders

(Listed below are age appropriate tips from the 4th grade team to support study skills at home)
  • Instill responsibility in your child by encouraging him/her to approach his/her teacher with concerns prior to parent interaction.
  • Check his/her agenda daily.
  • Find time to read with your child daily.  Model oral and independent reading.
  • Involve your child in family problem solving. Ex: let your student plan the shortest route to an errand.
  • Find ways to apply school work/themes to everyday activities.
  • Use the Internet TOGETHER to research topics or solve problems.
  • Have homework materials available at home for your child.  For example: pencils, paper, scissors, glue, etc....